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Freight Forwarding / Export


FMC License #533

Cambell & Gardiner is a full service Freight Forwarder. Using our extensive network of partners, we are able to provide you with the services you need at minimal cost to you. We provide you with all of the services you require to get your shipment from Point A to Point B in the fastest, most cost effective manner.

Export Documentation

All of our export documentation is prepared and submitted electronically. Using the Automated Export System (AES) for our export declarations saves our clients a great deal of time and money.

(effective 10/1/08)


In most cases export licenses are not requied. However if your shipment does require licensing, we will assist you in obtaining a license from the applicable governing body.

It is the shippers responsibility to ensure compliance with all export regulations.

If you are interested in using our services, please complete our rate request form, and we will contact you. Rate Request Form

Additional Services:

  • Power of Attorney
  • Export Consulting
  • Logistics Services
  • Automated Export System (AES)
  • Air Freight
  • Insurance
  • Duty Drawback
  • Consular Documents

Power of Attorney

It is required by customs regulation (19 CFR cp 1., part 141.46) that all customs brokers posses a valid power of attorney form (CF 5291).

Due to the omission of some important information in CF 5291, we use a form that was designed by the National Customs Brokers & Freight Forwarders Association.

Please download and complete the following POA FORM.

Important Tips:

  • The power of attorney must be signed by an officer of the corporation and notarized.
  • Must include social security number or federal tax ID number on the form.
  • Form must be notarized.

Foreign Corporations can use this form, however is is only valid when accompanied by a corporate certification.

Logistics Services


Whether you are shipping loose freight, or full container loads we can move your freight quickly and effectively while saving you money. Using our extensive world-wide network of carriers, NVOCC's and freight forwarders, Cambell & Gardiner is able to provide competitve rates on international transportation by both air and ocean from most ports worldlwide.


We can setup and execute a full service inland delivery program custom tailored to fit your needs. We provide the following services throughout the U.S.:

Trucking (local and long distance)

We offer both full (FCL) and loose (LTL) load trucking through a variety of carriers that we have good working relationships with and can trust to work hard to ensure that your cargo is delivered timely and safely. Additional trucking services include:

Tri-Axle / overweight

Step deck and drop deck trailers

Pier Drayage


Warehousing & Distribution

Using third party warehouses enables us to offer our customers a customized solution to their needs. We have partners located in most US ports and can provide a vast array of services as needed. Warehouse services include:


Pick & Pack Services



Online inventory, tracking and ordering


If you would like more information about our logistics services, or would like to request a rate, please contact our office or simply complete our on-line rate request form.

Air Freight Services

Ocean Freight Services

Automated Export System (AES)

Cambell & Gardiner Inc. has been approved for use of the AES. This system provides us with the following features:
  • File Shippers Export Declarations (SED) online.
  • Maintain the highest level of accuracy and complince with filings.
  • Avoid payment of $50 paper SED fee for export bookings.
We are looking forward to using this new system to help expdite export shipments. If you have any questions, please email us.

Air Freight Forwarding

Cambell & Gardiner recieved approval from the Federal Avaiation Administration as an approved indirect air carrier (IAC). This gives us the ability to make direct bookings with air carriers.

Using our extensive network of air carriers and worldwide agents we are able to provide high quality services, to expedite your shipment as required. These services include:
  • Door to Door Services
  • Port to Port Services
  • In-bound and Out-bound Cargo
  • Just in Time deliveries
  • Increased Compliance
  • Consolidations
We look forward to providing you with these new services. Should you have any questions, or require rates, please contact us.


Cambell & Gardiner Inc. has assemebled a team of drawback experts to assure that all claims are handled in the most efficient manner resulting in the maximum refunds allowed by law. We will monitor all of your shipments, to make certain that all opportunites for a drawback refund are utilized.

What is Drawback?

Drawback is the procedure by which a refund of "ordinary custom duty" is eligible to be refunded by U.S. Customs if the imported merhcandise has been re-exported, destroyed, or used in the manufacturing of a product that was exported. Drawback is the procedure by which a refund of "ordinary custom duty" is eligible to be refunded by U.S. Customs if the imported merhcandise has been re-exported, destroyed, or usDrawback is the procedure by which a refund of "ordinary custom duty" is eligible to be refunded by U.S. Customs if the imported merhcandise has been re-exported, destroyed, or used in the manufacturing of a product that was exported.">ed in the manufacturing of a product that was exported. ">

Types of Drawback:

Same condition Drawback: available for unused, exported or destroyed merchandise.

Manufacturing Drawback: available when imported merhandise is used in the manufacuring of a product that is subsequently exported.

Sustitution Drawback: available for shipments of "commercially interchangeable merchandise". Articles must be exported within 3 years from the import of the

Who is Eligible:

Generally speaking, the exporter is the party enttitled to file a drawback claim. However this can vary on a case to case basis.

Possible Scenarios:

  • If you export the same product that you import.
  • If the products you imported, are used in the manufacturing of a product that is exported.
  • If you import petroleum products that are used as vessel / aircraft supplies.


We will meet with you to discuss the possibility that you are eligible for to file drawback claims. If you are eligible, we will create a custom tailored drawback plan to fit your specific situation.


Our staff of experts will assist you in every aspect of your claim. From the preparation of the entry and suporting documents thru the liquidation.

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