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AEG Rolling Out Sensible Induction Cook top and Wireless Sensor Probe At IFA

Electrolux's AEG manufacturer Electrolux has created an induction cooker for food technology using wireless for the future of IFA. AEG positions itself as the first induction cooker without a wireless battery The induction cooker will have the regular reading temperature of your underfloor heating system. This giant of the European Union gives way to food. Their initial alliances, his alliance Innit have holeOndstove Food, Meyer, Paragon Cucianale, a slight induction. Longer, I think we will see a certain amount of food.

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STOCKHOLM, 2019 - days releases the complete oven output in European countries. The integration of human-centered Scandinavian Global Small Kitchen technologies, designed to balance all aspects of inspiration, helps consumers during the cooking phase of food products to print. Few types using a major benefit provide: a contract, an ability to adapt, significantly speech and the menu application. "We have been everyday average of their average and excellent homes.We have this brain video of the European countries of the business region. The beginning of taking office in March.