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Mix and match - Eating - Dining - October 25, 2018

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earlier E. Anthony's Slide Lunch. The 2011 luncheon will be held on Wednesday, October 3 or more, in 2018, at the Knights of the Columbus Hall battle. Courtesy photo The women of E. Anthony Parish will probably be hosting their boarding luncheon these days at the Knights in the Battle of Columbus area at 412 Utes, Eleventh Avenue, Sterling Co. Help will probably be 11 a. crush pineapple drink mix m. at least one p. m. The price to eat smorgasboard is Dollar7 for adults under 5 who are trying to eat at no cost. Your food will assign a variety of hot and cold meat dishes, preparing salads, vegetables, delicacy and consume Java, glacier tea and normal water. Takeaway meals are also available. Combined with lunch, the ladies of E. Anthony will have an attraction. Tickets for your attraction are approximately three passes for Dollar1. The rewards are about three awards in dollars25. The advance of this lunch could help change the windows of Hagus Hall Dinning Place. Your assistance over the years has facilitated the renovation of the kitchen and dining room. The next quality recipes were submitted by MaryAnn Hiler and Esther Skrdlant. These meals will probably be served at some point during lunch: Mix everything and mix well. If this is difficult, add a little more poultry soup. Place in a lightly oiled 9x13 pot. Filling: Combine 1Or2 dissolved butter and 1 crushed corn flakes. Spread at the top. Spread with cut peanuts. Cook at 350 certifications for thirty minutes. MaryAnn Hiler Combine and put in a 9x13 oiled pot. Bake at 350 minutes for 35 to 45 minutes. Although the gel is nice. No butter or shorter this cake formula. . 50 Scary Good p>

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